Consortium meeting – Online, 13 November 2020

On November 13 2020, an online meeting of the members of the RELflex project consortium took place. The focus of the conference was the practical realization of project solutions, the status of their implementation, field-test scenarios and expected benefits for users.

Within the work package 3 the control strategies and simulation algorithms for the more flexible use of energy carriers in the infrastructure of SMEs were tested and presented. Several scenarios were simulated for demonstrator in Germany and two demonstrators in Poland, including the flexibility of existing infrastructure and the potential of its extension with integration of new components such as storage, PV and reserve units. The concept of new business applications in specific legal, technical and economic conditions for the management of power surpluses and shortages in the power system were developed and presented. Furthermore, the identification and evaluation of flexibility within producing SME and the path to a Net Zero Energy Factory Concept (NZEF) were investigated and proposed.

The practical implementation and setup of pilot demonstrators for new DSM/DR functions and components testing implementation are being realized in WP4. During the meeting, the current state of the hardware construction and software implementation was presented and discussed, followed by the definition of further steps for the successful project realization.

The project management, authentication, communication and dissemination activities were presented and discussed. The RELflex steering committee agrees to request an extension of the project to the financing institutions, due to the difficulties in the practical implementation of the project resulting from pandemic restrictions and access to infrastructure.