Joint Programming Conference and Family Meeting 2020 on October 14-16

During the Era-Net Smart Energy Systems conference, the SET-Plan initiatives and funding networks presented their latest achievements and upcoming activities in the field of integrated energy systems for the clean energy transition.

Expert workshop took place on an important topic of renewable heating and cooling. The challenges related to research and innovation in this area were presented, supported by exemplary projects, analyzes of development prospects at national levels and a plenary discussion on potential topics of cooperation.

At the JPP SES Project Family Meeting, the latest update on funded project’s reporting, communication and networking was provided. Among others, the RELflex project gave a short pitch on the current and expected results of implementing energy flexibility solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises in the context of technology, market and adoption potential.

The initiative introduced the MICall20 EnerDigit followed by a networking session between Living Labs and Digital Platform Providers, Associated Partners, funded projects and applicants.