Fraunhofer IFF located in Magdeburg, Germany is a part of Fraunhofer Gesellschaft the lading applied research organization in Europe. The department of Convergent Infrastructures and Energy Systems and Infrastructures Group of IFF develops and implements R&D project in the area of modern power systems, smart grids, industry parks, renewable energy sources, battery storage systems and electro mobility. Fraunhofer IFF works locally and internationally with industry, academia, service sector and public administration. IFF is a leader of the RELflex project responsible for the overall project management and development and for local demonstration in Germany. IFF will coordinate transfer of knowledge, technology and adaptation issues between both countries.

Europejski Instytut Miedzi is a copper alliance member and has great competences in developing appropriate tools and organizing actions to popularize, promote and increase social awareness of sustainable RES infrastructure among wide audience. EIM has knowledge in international and national market and technology screening as well as experience in  technology and innovation promotion and communication campaigns.

AGH University of Science and Technology is the one of the leading research institution in Poland with strong and long experience with implementing many power grid connected solutions. AGH cooperated with numerous industrial partners in research projects ….. AGH is the national project leader responsible for demonstrator implementation in Poland. AGH is an excellent partner to carry out the scientific analysis of flexibility solution in electrical power grids.

Magdeburg University of Applied Science HSMD is University of Applied Science, which offers study programmes and teaching, as well as activities in research and technology transfer. Faculty of Engineering Sciences and Industrial Design and Institute of Electrical Engineering realised numerus practical implementations of power engineering solutions. HSMD is the provider of knowledge and expertise in the field of energy power system analysis, simulation, and development of applied DSM/ DSR solutions.

Arte Möbel is a SME with modern production facilities to tailor-made manufacturing of furniture with sustainable use of resources. Arte Möbel is manufacturing of equipment and furniture for public buildings, hotels, and private clients. The production infrastructure and 130kW PV will be used for implementation, testing and demonstration of load flexibility combined with max. RES integration.

Pensjonat „Na Olczanskim Wierchu” (PNOW) is a hotel building complex offering ….. PNOW owns reserve power unit which will be aggregated in Polish demonstrator of flexibility applications and services of RELflex project.

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