RELflex Demonstrator Installed

As part of the demonstrator implementation of RELflex solutions, electrical work was carried out, including the installation of measurement and communication devices in accordance with the ICT architecture in the infrastructure of the manufacturing company ArteMöbel.

Reaching this important milestone made it possible to monitor the consumption of electricity by individual loads in the company.Based on the analysis of measurement data, it is possible to identify the largest loads, which are table milling machine, compressor, suction device and CNC double drill. The range of operation of the machines, their performance characteristics and the potential for flexibility activation, i.e.shading or shifting, can be identified.

The actual measurement data are used to optimize the developed algorithms for the forecast of consumption and generation and to optimize control strategies of the production processes. The target functions of the operating strategies developed for SMEs are the reduction of energy consumption while the production volume remains constant, the lowering of CO2 emissions and the optimization of industrial production processes through flexibility options.

In further work, data from the measurement modules and the control algorithms will be integrated into the dynamic energy management system.